Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arrouha™ String Keeper

Arrouha™ String Keeper

Product Descriptions
Arrouha™ String Keeper holds your bowstring up when unstrung.  This helps in maintaining twists, therefor maintaining your brace height. This design fits all traditional bows, longbows and recurve bows. 
Color Option: Black, Brown

  • Remove string from upper limb nock leaving the string loop over the limb.
  • Keep the lower string loop placed in the nock on the lower limb.
  • Place the Arrouha™ String Keeper over the upper nock with lace lying on the back of the bow limb. 
  • Slip the Lace Knot and Button through the upper string loop. 
  • Hold the Knot and push the Button up until the bowstring is snug.

BEST-SELLING and TRUSTED BRAND in the market by LOCAL Bow Maker.

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