Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Package Busur Jati Tunggal RM295 only!!

Package Busur Jati Tunggal RM295 only!!

The most advanced simplicity, engineered by ArrouhaTM team to fits any shooter especially for first timers. High demand of easy handling, durability and modern styling makes Jati Tunggal one of the most bow in the community. 
*Bow Length 49″
*Draw Weight 28lbs
*Draw Length 28″
*High Strength Fiberglass
*Leather Wrapped Handle
*Assorted Attractive Colour Available
*110 meter Shooting Range
✔️Jati Tunggal Bow
✔Basic Hip Quiver
✔️Leather Arm Guard
✔️Cartel Saunder Nocking Point
✔️Capal Leather Thumbguard
✔️5 Fiberglass Arrows
RM295 ONLY!!! (Including Postage + packaging)
Ready For Fun Shoot Now!!!

Jati Tunggal Poster_zpsncx5csxt

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